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Hundreds of 2,500-year-old mummies and a 9-meter-long unopened papyrus have been found in Egypt

Hundreds of new mummies unearthed today have been unveiled in Egypt, along with hundreds of statuettes. Egyptian Civilization, one of the most interesting cultures of ancient times, is back on the agenda with the hundreds of remains that appear today. Hundreds of new sarcophagi and bronze statuettes have been exhibited at the Saqqara archaeological site south of the Egyptian capital, Cairo. More than a dozen pyramids, animal tombs and statues of some celebrities have been found in the area, which includes buildings such as ancient Coptic Christian monasteries.

Among the 150 newly discovered bronze statuettes is a statue of Imhotep, who revolutionized architecture in ancient times. Along with the famous architect, the name behind the pyramid of Zoser, statues of gods and goddesses such as Bastet, Anubis, Osiris, Amunmeen, Isis, Nefertum and Hathor were also found.

The contents of the 9-meter-long papyrus are believed to be the Book of the Dead, a collection of funeral texts used by the Egyptians to guide the dead in the underworld.