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Hubble Space Telescope Data Surprise Scientists: The Universe Is Expanding Faster Than We Think

According to NASA, the discrepancy between the data obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope on how the universe is expanding cannot be explained by current physics. Scientists say there is "something strange" in this new discovery, which contains the secrets of the universe.

Hubble's measurements show that the rate of expansion of the universe is 73 kilometres per megaparsec (3.26 million light-years). However, in the deep universe, this speed drops to 67.5 kilometres. NASA said the difference could not be explained by existing physics laws.

Shortly after its first appearance, the Big Bang theory predicted that the expansion of the universe would slow down, and that the universe would shrink again under the influence of gravity. But the universe was not only expanding, but it is also expanding with each passing year. After this discovery, scientists began to think that there was something that reversed the effect of gravity and called it dark energy. Today, much of the universe is believed to be composed of dark energy. So much so that atoms, the basis of planets, stars, and galaxies, are thought to make up only 5 percent of the universe.