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The Journal of History of Science and Science of Science publishes original scientific articles, methodical and methodological materials, reviews in the field of science studies and history of science, covering a wide range of topics.

The main directions of the journal

  • the history of scientific research methods
  • the work of prominent scientists and scientific schools
  • the history of different discoveries
  • the evolution of the forms of organization of scientific activities
  • materials collected from manuscript funds, museums and archives,
  • research and publication of sources on the history of science and technology
  • development history of industry
  • popularization of sciences.


  • the common problems of science of science
  • its development and historical aspects
  • scientometrics, estimating of the effectiveness of scientific research
  • the quality of research projects.

Scientific-theoretical content of the journal:

* To publish articles on the history of development of science, discoveries and inventions, modern scientific achievements, history of science and relevant problems of science studies in the world, including Azerbaijan.

Aim of the Journal:  

* Presenting and promoting the researches of Azerbaijani scientists on the history of science and scientific studies at the international level,

* Studying the experience of world scientists in the field of history of the science and science of science, to exchange experience and cooperate with foreign and Azerbaijani scientists in this field.

* Access to the database of international scientific journals (Web of Science, Scopus, ISI, ISSM, ESSM, etc.).

Main objectives of journal:

* To publish the results of scientific research of Azerbaijani and foreign scientists in accordance with the profile of the journal;

* To give an overview of researches on the history of science and methodology of science;

* To provide methodological assistance to research projects;

* To provide scientific and methodological assistance to the educational process of high schools of Azerbaijan and foreign countries in the field of history of science and science of science;

* To intensify the exchange of information, methodological and other intellectual resources for the development of more effective research in the history of science and science of science;


Sections of the Journal:

* History of natural sciences

* History of exact and technical sciences

* History of humanities and social sciences

* Source studies and historiography of the history of science

* Theory and methodology of the history of science

* Science of Science and Social Problems of Science